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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Randon Fandom, Ep. IV - Star TreX: The Final Frontier Evolved"

Happy Belated 2012, True Believers!

The past month has been filled with much busy-ness, including, but not limited to, the job ramping up, school resuming in full swing, followed by my venture into an internship with Forever Interactive as a concept artist.

Today, I bring you a bit of geekdom in the form of Star TreX: The Final Frontier Evolved!

It started with a bit of black humor: Two blinks mean 'No'.

For any Trek fan, especially The Original Series, this comes from the 16th and 17th episodes, the only two-parter of the show, 'The Menagerie' of Star Trek. In it, Captain Pike is injured and relegated to a chair that he can just barely move and in which he can only communicate via blinking lights: One for 'Yes', two for 'No'.

Then, I started thinking about the Star Trek: Original Series, and how for the time it really was one of the most diverse cast of characters on television. Then, it occurred to me that when Marvel Comics re-launched X-Men in 1975, they assembled one of the most diverse cast of superheroes on the market.

From there, and idea was cast: What would an amalgamation look like? Having time on the lifeguard stand to play it out in my head (WHILE MAINTAINING FOCUS ON THE WATER AND THOSE IN IT), it slowly took shape in the form of loose ideas. The first being Capt. Pike and his injury. The black humor was that he's the world's most powerful telepath and he can only communicate via psychic blinks...of course, if I ever created any story material, it would be a pinch different.

For Christmas, I was blessed with TWO X-Men Omnibus books (Chris Claremont and Jim Lee Vol. 1 and Astonishing X-Men) and two X-Force trade paperbacks (X-Force/Cable: Messiah War and Necrosha), among other things. Needless to say, I'm a HUGE X-Fan, and this past holiday prompted me to get my idea onto paper.

The first design I did was of Cyclops. Slowly followed were Havok, Kid Vulcan, Beast, and the rest.

Colored versions to follow,


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