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Monday, May 31, 2010

Random Fandom Episode II: Master and Apprentice

Here's an image from my own geeky Star Wars fan-fiction I've been writing since I was about 15. What started as a simple, poorly-written story in a spiral notebook with a yellow cover, became an odyssey of sorts involving short-stories, a small comic project in college, and many doodles involving characters from a galaxy far, far away.

The duo is a Jedi Knight and apprentice team of (Master) Wade Vox and his eager apprentice Quin Qel-Droma, circa 25 ABY.

The story developed around the time that the Star Wars novel series 'New Jedi Order' was being published. One of my best friends in high school and I began writing a story that takes place a little over a year prior to the series itself, culminating just as it opens. We cast ourselves, so to speak, as the main characters during a minor conflict.

As I developed the story more and more, I ended up with Quin enrolling in the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4 (Quin was 'myself', as I would want to be in Star Wars, ego-centric, yes, but keep in mind I was 15 when I started writing it all). I chose the name 'Quin' as a direct homage of the character Quinlan Vos, a pre-existing character in the Dark Horse Comics series. I had gotten back into collecting monthly comics with the current SW series, being drawn by one of my all-time favorite artists Jan Duursema. The shortened version of Quinlan's name was said, and I liked the ring to it. Thus Quin Qel-Droma, descendant of Ulic and Cay Qel-Droma, was born. His best friend, based off of my actual best friend in real life, was called Vander Donna, the rugged fighter jock.

Quin's master became an EXTREMELY obscure character by the name of Wade Vox, a Jedi Knight with origins in smuggling and shady origins like his apprentice. Wade was last seen in the PlayStation game 'Star Wars: Demolition', and he was a character of strong Force ability. I knew this character's full story was never told, so I figured why not. Besides, Wade was THE best character to play as in the game.

Since most of the Star Wars dramatic personae were being used, I decided that if (heaven forbid) the stories themselves ever get published then I'd use characters that no one would think to. Thus, I'd be free to write whatever without contradicting what was already happening.

Nerdy. I know.

ANY-HOO...I based this image on a story I'd written for my Comic One class.

Master Wade and his apprentice Quin.

Random Fandom Episode I: Iron Lantern

I love comics. I love movies. When the two are put together the right way, we get gloriousness. When they aren't put together the right way...well...let's just say 'bad aftertaste' applies to more than food.

ANY-HOO...when Iron Man was first being promoted, I was a senior in college. I came across an AWESOME image of
the Mark II armor, and decided to have some fun.

Anyone born around 1985 and just happens to also be into comic book stuff, should remember the DC/Marvel Amalgam Universe from 1996. Released in two waves, the second featured my all-time favorite combination: Iron Man and Green Lantern. Hence, 'Iron Lantern'.

I took that idea and applied it to the image I found from the Iron Man movie.

Origins of the Killdove Project

Presented before you are the first of many images related to a project in the works.

Going under the working title 'Killdove'
, I've been working in conjunction with a writer named Eric. Over the past year, I've been working like crazy trying to being his vision to life in way that will get us published.

Actually, it's funny how it all began. I'd been living in Minnesota after college, just trying to make ends meet. While on a visit to my folks in WI, I came across an e-mail from Eric. He'd seen my MCAD work, and wanted ME to provide visuals for a project he'd had in his head for years.

From there, I've rendered, re-rendered, scrapped, and started anew. As I get closer and closer to finishing a solid set of visuals for a pitch, we're readying ourselves for shopping this little gem around to various publishers.

The introduction of a mad man...

...ok, not really a 'mad man', but to those that know I'm definitely not normal.

Who I am is an artist that hails from southeastern Wisconsin, currently holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Comic Art. My major influences stem from the mainstream world of comics, with artists including Alex Ross, Ivan Reis, Jan Duursema, Adi Granov, and a slew of others. As of right now, my major project involves developing a creator-owned graphic novel/comic book series titled 'Killdove'. Check us out on Facebook!

I am new to the blogging world, and can't wait to begin sharing my work and experiences with you.

In the immortal words of Stan Lee,