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Monday, May 31, 2010

Origins of the Killdove Project

Presented before you are the first of many images related to a project in the works.

Going under the working title 'Killdove'
, I've been working in conjunction with a writer named Eric. Over the past year, I've been working like crazy trying to being his vision to life in way that will get us published.

Actually, it's funny how it all began. I'd been living in Minnesota after college, just trying to make ends meet. While on a visit to my folks in WI, I came across an e-mail from Eric. He'd seen my MCAD work, and wanted ME to provide visuals for a project he'd had in his head for years.

From there, I've rendered, re-rendered, scrapped, and started anew. As I get closer and closer to finishing a solid set of visuals for a pitch, we're readying ourselves for shopping this little gem around to various publishers.

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