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Monday, May 31, 2010

Random Fandom Episode I: Iron Lantern

I love comics. I love movies. When the two are put together the right way, we get gloriousness. When they aren't put together the right way...well...let's just say 'bad aftertaste' applies to more than food.

ANY-HOO...when Iron Man was first being promoted, I was a senior in college. I came across an AWESOME image of
the Mark II armor, and decided to have some fun.

Anyone born around 1985 and just happens to also be into comic book stuff, should remember the DC/Marvel Amalgam Universe from 1996. Released in two waves, the second featured my all-time favorite combination: Iron Man and Green Lantern. Hence, 'Iron Lantern'.

I took that idea and applied it to the image I found from the Iron Man movie.

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  1. Very cool! I'm working on creating a poster for Iron Lantern 3: Iron Lantern vs Green Man, starring Robert Reynolds Jr and Ryan Downey as Hal Stark and Tony Jordan!