Professional Works

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Voyage of the ARGonauts: You Can't Kill the Metal

We meet again, fellow ARGonauts! Today's feature brings you the next step in the texturing! Thanks to teammate Mario, we got an amazing method of creating MentalRay-looking materials WITHOUT using MentalRay! Once he shared this info with the rest of the team, we had everything set!

Voyage of the ARGonauts: Sticks and Stones

The Voyage continues, loyal ARGonauts! Today's adventure brings you the first venture in texturing the pieces of Project: A.R.Go!
The preliminary task was to just come up with a set of metal-ish textures. My initial design was a galvanized metal, with a goldish tint to it. Once I got the swatches applied, immediately I felt that it looked to worn and outdated; hardly something a shadow cabinet group like the Messengers would have and maintain for inter-spatial/dimensional travel. As Art Director for the ARG, I had to put the halt on any more textures in this fashion. To add insult to injury, our fearless leader took one look at the textures and thought they were stone! Needless to say, my first pass was less than exciting...
Back to 3ds Max!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Voyage of the ARGonauts: Hope Springs Eternal

Hello again, fellow ARGonauts!

This update delivers another piece of the AUG Portal!

Nicknamed the 'Blue Alien', this tiny piece will sit nicely on the top of the portal to act a form of energy conductor, and help feed energy into Project: A.R.Go.

Voyage of the ARGonauts: The Color of Love

ARGonauts unite!

Today's update brings you part one of a modeling journey!

For the last Sprint of the Spring 2012 semester, I decided to take a break from leading teams, and do some 3D work [as that's my focus, and it's what I'm learning].

For the AUG, there needs to be a Portal which takes the human travelers away to a faraway planet! Dubbed Project: A.R.Go [hence, ARGonauts], its pieces are to be split up and hidden for the employer players to find, collect, assemble, and then travel through to accomplish their mission.

The first piece I modeled is a part that is designed to be an energy capacitor of sorts, colored coded as 'purple'.

Voyage of the ARGonauts: AUGuing the Point

Ahoy, fellow ARGOnauts!

In my last installment, I showed you the foundations of the AUG and how it was to play out.

My team and I then took this framework, and built upon it.

We decided to break it up into four main Quest points, and then have six smaller quests. The four main quests would move the player throughout the Portfolio Night, leading up to the Portal. The six smaller quests would be more story driven, and thus not be as essential in completing.

The objective of the main quests is to collect pieces of the portal, which are hidden away from the bad guys who seek to stop the good aliens from succeeding in their mission.

Voyage of the ARGonauts: AUGust is Far Away...

Greetings, my fellow ARGonauts.

This latest installment brings you a very special piece of the Augmented Reality Game of Voyage of the ARGonauts.

In order to build the game itself, there needed to be a framework on how everything was structured.

A team consisting of myself and team mates Tim, Mario, and Mike, came up with such a framework, simple in it's construction, but it laid the groundwork for the next big piece of the puzzle.

Without this piece of work, the AUG would be a whole different beast.