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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Random Fandom: Captain 'Murrica

Greetings, dear followers.

Marvel recently revealed its new Captain America and amazing creative team. And while I'm interested to see where they go with it, at the same time I feel Marvel is missing a tremendous opportunity to add some more true diversity to its line-up.

As much as I love the Falcon (especially after seeing Anthony Mackie knock it out of the park in the Winter Soldier), Marvel has had a better-than-perfect Cap right in from of them: James Proudstar, aka Warpath of the X-Men.

He is an Apache with super-human...well, everything. Basically, he's Cap on 'roids. He's also a bit of a shaman. And he can fly. Combined with his vibranium bowie knives, he'd be the best Cap since Bucky to take over for Steve. Also, think of the striking story potential of having a Native American be the symbol for America.

And while I have absolutely no pull at Marvel or in the comic book world in general, I'd like to think my idea could work and work very well for as much time as afforded. Thus, here is what I'd like to see. Enjoy!

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