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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Killdove: Tiers of Joy

At long last, an update.

For the past year, I've been cranking away at the Killdove pitch. The process has been slow (mostly due to things like time, procrastination, and my tenacity to fit as much detail as I can), but ultimately rewarding.
I've finally got together the last three pages, formed into a spread.

Originally, this was to be a simple, one page splash with four tiers of panels surrounding it. The scene is our mind-reading anti-hero Kevin glimpsing all possible options to disarm the villain, each one ending in his death.

I decided to take a chance and work this into a spread (as mentioned in a previous post).

The overall process was this: start with tight pencils, outline with a wet-media brush via Photoshop, get Eric's approval, then add graytones.

Combined with very large resolution (I work at nothing less than 600 ppi), this allows for the richest, most detailed line work I can muster.
Once the last tier was completed, I added the lettering. Eric always had this idea of a kind of reverse-color word balloon to really push the fact that these bad guys are ANYTHING but human.

I white letters with a black background, did a triple-outline of white-black-white, then added the 'plastic wrap' filter in order to give it a grimy/gross feel to it, via Eric's instructions.

I have to say, the end result speaks for itself.

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