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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Killdove: Opening Pitch

Okay kiddies, here's a blast from the past! When I initially took on the Killdove project, I wasn;t quite sure what to expect. The writer, Eric, had a massive story with lots of layers and characterization. What's a recent art student to think?

Instead of starting at the very beginning, Eric and I decided to produce a few pages, just to see what kind of look we could produce. He opted to send me a few pages of script to work from, which was from about the middle or so of his overall story. It involved time-traveling back from the middle ages, dimension hopping creatures, and ninja swords.

Upon further review, Eric decided that while presentable, he wanted to start from a different point.

Fortunately, these pages serve as somewhat of a reminder of what Killdove can become.

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