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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Killdove: Spreading the Love

One of the best things about working on Killdove is the chance to constantly improve my work. In an effort to present the best visuals possible, I'm always running them by Eric first. After giving me his painfully concrete feedback and insight, I make sure I get what he needs to make his story work. Here is a perfect example.

The fifth page of Kill dove involved the main character, Kevin, seeing into the future, and going through all the possible encounters with the bad guy. Each one resulted in his death. Eric had on one page 12 panels showcasing this, but I felt one page would be too small. So, I opted to make it a two page spread, Eric liked this idea. But then, I came up with an even bigger, bolder attempt: a three-page spread. This way, in my mind, I could get all four of Kevin's visions on the page, and even fit in a money shot of the character reacting!

After a few stubborn renderings of the various images, I was able to compile the final image used in our pitch.

Not being content, Eric brought up and excellent idea: Thought balloons instead of tiers and have Kevin looking at the reader. Genius! My first re-working had Kevin putting his hands on his head, as if reacting to the sudden rush of telepathic visions. But, Eric felt just having him looking forward in the same pose I originally had would be better. As always, he was right.

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