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Saturday, November 5, 2011

MATC - CSG Production: Voyage of the ARGonauts II

Welcome back another journey into mystery via the ARGo!

This installment features a preliminary set of storyboard sequences aimed at structuring the A.R.G. video for the school-wide Augmented Reality Game!

After several attempts at creating a workable premise and script, the gallant ARGonauts started anew, taking what was good, learned from the bad, and contemplated the maybes and concepted an ARG video that was packed with a lot, but needed very little! Packed with subliminal messages and hidden clues, the ARG video is the gateway to the AUG at MATC's Portfolio Night!

Sequence One: This is the opener, starting with a shot of space. This space is interrupted via mysterious glowing disks! Cut to a web cam on the intrepid Dr. Kee, who is tracking said disks' movements, as well as decoding and deciphering transmissions! Enter the enigmatic Mr. Locke! As Locke and Kee interpret the events unfolding, the two Messengers contemplate the next move...

Sequence Two: The light disks make their way planet side, descending without impediment! Cut back to out web cam on Mr. Locke as he reads a news feed regarding missing people. Our good Dr. begins to think that the disks have something to do with the missing people, but that can't be. BUT SUDDENLY...THE ENEMY STRIKES! All is not as it appears!

Sequence Three: A cryptic message from the Doc! The light disks carry the allies! But, what is Kee NOT saying! Why is he in trouble! What is up with Locke, and how can Kee be in two places at once?!

Sequence Four: Dr. Kee has braved the invasion of the evil aliens, while making ready for the good guys' arrival! He's scrambled messages everywhere and set clues to find the hidden bad guys...who are closer than you think! MWA-HAHA!

In all seriousness, this is the beginning stages of the scripting process. rather than try and write it all out, my team and I created a structure so that we can word it all out later. Most of the images were drawn late in the day, after I'd put in long hours at the office/pool on only a few hours rest. You tend to get silly in that situation.

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  1. Very nice work Casey. I'm very impressed with your work. Connie A Peterson